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Kim Lavine has transformed the lives of millions through appearances on the Today Show, Rachel Ray, GMA, NBC, ABC, CNN, CNBC, FOX, NPR, Oprah & Friends & features in USA Today, Guideposts, Inc, Business Week, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, to name a few. Her startup bible MOMMY MILLIONAIRE was called by Publishers Weekly “A top-notch how-to guide on launching a business…a rare gem.”

Read more in the newly updated Platinum Version of MOMMY MILLIONAIRE Available for immediate download by eBook or PDF. Filled with all kinds of bonus materials including document templates, updated tips and the real skinny on what went down since I wrote this book.

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Kim Lavine's Media Highlights
Kim Lavine's TV Highlights
Kim Lavine
Listen as I tell you a story, of history being made...

Kim is on a mission to inspire people to follow their dreams, empowering them with hope, honesty and faith.

Identified as America’s Expert on Inspirational Business Advice, Kim touches and inspires millions around the world through her appearances on The Today Show, Rachel Ray, Good Morning America, NBC & ABC news, CNN, CNBC, FOX, NPR, Oprah & Friends Radio Network, and features in USA Today, Country Living, Guideposts, Inc, Business Week, Entrepreneur, Women's World, and American Baby to name a few. Read More...

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Kim Lavine's Print Highlights

NPR Affiliate WGVU Grand Rapids - January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011 | WGVU 

Best sellilng author Mom Kim Lavine is on a mission to help others with their finances. A special opportunity is right around the corner to do just that.

In an interview with Shelley Irwin, Kim shares all the excitement surrounding the kick-off of her PRIVATE EQUITY SUMMIT at the flagship H.O.M.E. location in Grand Rapids on January 28th, 2011.



Michigan Talk Radio 1240 AM Lansing - November 18, 2010





In a radio interview last week by First Gentleman Dan Mulhern Grahnolm on Michigan Talk Network, 1240 AM Lansing, Lavine explained why, despite doing business across the U.S., she made the decision to open the flagship H.O.M.E. office in Michigan,a state recognized across the nation as ground zero in the new economy with the highest unemployment rate. “It’s important for us to launch this revolution from Michigan, and to carry this empowering message to millions across the United States: Stop looking for a job, and start running a business. People are scared and don’t know what to do, but the only way past fear is through it. Reduce the risk and reduce the fear. We can teach people how to start their own business with $500.”



Bootstrapping - How To Do More Things with Less Money

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Kim Lavine is a member of Jim's BRAIN TRUST and a frequent guest on his radio show THE SMALL BUSINESS ADVOCATE, sharing cutting-edge advice for thriving in a changing business world.

Available wherever books are sold, or online


Kim Lavine on The Small Business Advocate with Jim Blassingame


How are women business owners doing in the quest for investor capital?

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Click the podcast icon to listen as Kim Lavine joins Jim Blasingame to talk about why women are not getting their fair share of private equity investment and what she's doing about it.

Kim Lavine is a member of Jim's BRAIN TRUST and a frequent guest on his radio show THE SMALL BUSINESS ADVOCATE, sharing cutting-edge advice for thriving in a changing business world.

Available wherever books are sold, or online


Go Big or Go Home - Getting a Successful Test with Big Box Retailers

Just like you can't be a "little pregnant," you can't be a "little committed" to success. It's all or nothing, so GO ALL IN!

That's the lesson from our discussion with Sheil Caldwell in this episode of MOMMY MILLIONAIRE RADIO, debuting July 12th, 2010 at 10am EST.

Sheil Caldwell - Inventor of the Baggonizer™Motivated by her frustration with the inconvenience of reusable grocery bags, Sheil Caldwell made it her mission to develop and implement a new routine when incorporating reusable bags into the lives of women everywhere.  Her product Baggonizer ™ is designed to be Everything you need for the reusable bag routine, from car to cart to checkout ™  

Click The PLAY Button To Listen:

With an attitude of "Go Big or Go Home," Sheil shares with Kim Lavine how she went from just an idea for a great new product to a 12 store test in a major national retailer. But getting a test is one thing; insuring a successful test is where the challenge and opportunity lie and Kim Lavine shares invaluable advice on how to turn a test into a million-dollar account with practical, step-by-step strategies using her own experience selling to major national retailers including Saks Inc, Bed Bath & Beyond and Macys.

The Baggonizer™ in use, as demonstrated successfully at a tradeshowYou have two seconds to capture the attention of the consumer in the marketplace. Make those two seconds count. Sheil shows us how she captured attention in a big way by thinking out of the box and making a grand entrance at a tradeshow. How to go from getting the attention to closing the sale is what makes the difference, and that means using every advantage you can find, including becoming certified as a WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS.

It's not a question of "if" you'll succeed, it's a question of "when." That's the advice of Kim Lavine to Sheil as well as all our listeners as she puts in a nutshell the secret to any product's success in the marketplace, using these strategies to create your own successful destiny.


Then SIGN-UP FOR MY TWO-WEEK COURSE, starting August 2nd, to Get Started Turning Your Million Dollar Idea into a Reality! As Sheil Caldwell proves, sometimes the simplest products can be the solution millions of consumers have been looking for! I developed this course personally in answer to the thousands of emails, phone calls and questions I get from people all around the world who ask me, “Where do I start?” Are you one of them? Don't wait to see your Million-Dollar Idea taken to the marketplace without you! GET STARTED TODAY!

The Baggonizer™ - Everything you need for the reusable bag routine, from car to cart to checkout ™

About Sheil Caldwell: Sheil’s chronic entrepreneurial spirit has helped her sustain an independent lifestyle and to remain a stay-at-home mom for many years. Her entrepreneurial spirit has permitted her to pursue her commitment to sustainability and conservation of the planet and continue her service to community. Sheil will indulge her artisitc spirit through acting any chance she gets. LEARN MORE ABOUT SHEIL CALDWELL'S MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCT AT BAGGONIZER.COM


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