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Kim Lavine has transformed the lives of millions through appearances on the Today Show, Rachel Ray, GMA, NBC, ABC, CNN, CNBC, FOX, NPR, Oprah & Friends & features in USA Today, Guideposts, Inc, Business Week, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, to name a few. Her startup bible MOMMY MILLIONAIRE was called by Publishers Weekly “A top-notch how-to guide on launching a business…a rare gem.”

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Kim Lavine
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Kim is on a mission to inspire people to follow their dreams, empowering them with hope, honesty and faith.

Identified as America’s Expert on Inspirational Business Advice, Kim touches and inspires millions around the world through her appearances on The Today Show, Rachel Ray, Good Morning America, NBC & ABC news, CNN, CNBC, FOX, NPR, Oprah & Friends Radio Network, and features in USA Today, Country Living, Guideposts, Inc, Business Week, Entrepreneur, Women's World, and American Baby to name a few. Read More...

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Mommy Millionaire Introduction

How did you turn that kitchen table idea of yours into a million dollars?

It’s a question I hear everywhere I go as I tour the country on business as President of Green Daisy, Inc. Whether I’m at tradeshows in cities across the U.S. or at lectures I give to women’s and community groups, everyone wants an answer to that question!

It became clear to me that there was a real need for a How to Make a Million Dollars book.

You don’t need to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to make a million dollars on the next big thing. Becoming a millionaire is not about luck, being a genius, or having any special talents. You don’t have to be selling the next high-tech invention to get rich. You can do it with something as simple as a Wuvit®! What’s a Wuvit? A simple little gift I made at my kitchen table that I turned into a million dollars in just over three years.

There has been no shortage of books in the last few years telling you how to think like a millionaire, but just thinking like a millionaire is not enough. The truth is people only learn to think like a millionaire by becoming one. Read this book and you’ll see step-by-step how I went from a stay-at-home mommy to a Mommy Millionaire and every lesson I learned along the way.

It’s about time someone wrote this book! 


This book is not just about how to become a millionaire; it’s about how to become a millionaire while putting your family first. Being a mommy entrepreneur is a lot like being Ginger Rogers; doing everything Fred Astaire did, but “backwards in high-heels,” while making it look effortless. My workday as President of Green Daisy, Inc, is routinely interrupted by numerous requests from my kids including “can I have chocolate milk?” to “can I buy a bee bee gun?” And you know what? That’s a good thing! Seeing my children’s smiling faces throughout the workday is one of the perks of being a Mommy Millionaire.

This is the twenty-first century. Technology has empowered us in new and liberating ways, which will radically transform the 9 to 5 workday world. Never before has it been so distinctly possible, for us as women, to have it all.

Before you get it all, you’re going to need some handy rules to keep you sane and focused on what’s really important—your family—which I carved out from years of first apologizing for my kids, then celebrating them. Before these rules, I’d routinely shush my kids when a business call came in, running into the bathroom while they cried and pleaded on the other side of the door. Now, anyone who calls me during business hours will likely have the privilege of hearing my six year old, home from morning kindergarten, scream that he "wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,”, while I have a phone meeting. For a complete list of all my Mommy Millionaire Rules, designed to make your life a whole lot easier and less stressful as you chase down your million dollars, keep reading.

Mommy Millionaire Rule Number Two: When Conducting Business Over the Phone With Other Mommy Entrepreneurs, It is Proper and Allowable to Out-Yell Your Kids, While I Out-Yell Mine!

Why am I writing this book?


It’s true that a few successful woman entrepreneurs, Mommy Millionaires like Martha Stewart, have gone before, paving the way for those who would follow, while creating an unrealistic image of a super successful mom, to which many of us aspire. From the outside, these women appeared to have achieved success effortlessly, baking, sewing or “make-overing” their way to million dollar empires. In fact, part of the illusion is deliberately creating a brand that makes it appear that their success was but a happy coincidence of motherhood, stumbled upon by accident while hosting dinner parties, sewing pajamas up as a lark after having a baby, or helping friends with make-up tips in the privacy of their own homes. I, on the other hand, discovered that becoming a millionaire like Martha Stewart had a lot less to do with being a perfect stay-at-home mom and a lot more to do with Herculean workloads, grassroots marketing tours and the deft manipulating of smoke and mirrors to create an image of a “perfect mom and homemaker” as a means to sell product, something commonly referred to as “lifestyle marketing.” I meet many women across America who have a great idea that could be “the next Big Thing,” but have no idea what it really takes to grow an idea to a million dollars. I’m here to debunk the myths of Mommy Millionaire to which I succumbed and to show those of you who have one “good idea” and want to turn it into “The Next Million Dollar Idea” how to accomplish your goal, while still attending PTA meetings and school parties and gazing into the adorable, smiling faces of your kids throughout each day.

The Next Women’s Revolution

New census data tells us that there is a dramatic new trend: women turning in historic numbers to the option of entrepreneurship. According the U.S. Census Bureau

  • There are nearly 6.5 million woman-owned companies in the U.S. or 40 percent of all U.S. businesses, and by 2025 the Census Bureau projects it will raise to 55 percent.
  • Women are starting businesses today at two times the rate of men, and the growth rate of women-owned firms regularly outpaces overall business growth, according to the National Foundation for Women Business Owners.

This is an extremely exciting time for woman entrepreneurs, who are entering the business world in record numbers. Women are forging into the uncharted domain of woman entrepreneurship with a new spirit of freedom and independence, bettering their lives and the economic well-being of the entire country. No doubt we’ll change a few rules along the way about work and family during this revolution as we did about sex and gender roles in the seventies.

The Rise of the Women Entrepreneur

The fact is, more mommies than ever are entering the world of entrepreneurship. And why not? Who knows better what America’s consumer culture needs next than the ultimate consumer—mothers, usually women in their thirties who control most of a household’s buying decisions and power the American economy with their spending habits. Women are just starting to penetrate the world of entrepreneurship in significant numbers. Sure, there were a few pioneering figures before us, Martha Stewart being the most famous of all—vilified for her determination, perfectionism, drive and singular devotion to work, which, by the way, are indispensable attributes you’ll surely need to make a million. The sheer number of women choosing to become entrepreneurs is remarkable. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of women-owned businesses grew 20 percent between 1997 and 2002, twice the national average for all businesses. The nearly 6.5 million woman-owned businesses generated more than $940 billion in revenue, up 15 percent from 1997.

Why are all these women starting their own businesses?

There are many different reasons, but the desire to spend more time with their kids than a nine-to-five job in the corporate world would allow is no doubt number one. This became most apparent to me when I was standing “outside the gates” at QVC at a national cattle call they call a “New Product Search,” in Orlando, Florida, when I heard a woman in line say “I wish there was a book telling us how these moms you hear about make millions on their ideas, not just that they did it, but how they did it, every little detail about what it took to turn their little kitchen-table idea into millions!” Standing before me were hundreds of entrepreneurs, men, women, old and young, some dressed in suits, some in cut-off shorts and flip flops, all taking their turn in a long line that snaked around the elegant hotel’s mezzanine, waiting for their golden moment of opportunity when they would stand before a QVC buyer and have ten precious minutes to pitch their product. This was my second trek across the country in pursuit of what most considered the American Idol of retailing, and I, unlike the other itinerant “millionaires in the making,” felt some ease knowing what would be expected of me once the line had fed me into that brightly-lit room filled with long rows of tables, each row broken up into ten six-foot sections on which to present your product. I considered the woman who had made the plea for a guidebook on how to become a Mommy Millionaire and wanted to answer her right then and there—“Just give me a few months to write it!” But it was her turn to forge into that brightly lit room, her shot at becoming an “overnight success” as so many of these budding entrepreneurs believed was the promise being held before them and she tidied her wheeled apparel rack of prototype drawings and rolled it into the room before I could steel her with one word of advice.

What was it about QVC that brought out all the dreamers, all the cash-strapped inventors, all the “get rich quick” idealists, all the moms—waiting in line with their cute matching costumes and bright feather boas, serving up homemade cookies, doll clothes, and hand-painted shoes while pushing their kids in strollers?

What made people drive or fly across the country with nothing but an invention still just on paper or a passed down family recipe for fudge with dreams of selling out in record time as “Today’s Special Value,” checking into hotels with their parent’s credit cards? According to QVC’s own Marilyn Montross, it was because a few could go virtually overnight from “somebody with a product and a dream to somebody with a very large company.” Case in point, Jeanne Bice, founder of the Quacker Factory, who appeared on QVC the first time eleven years ago with two embellished t-shirts, and who now makes regular appearances showcasing entire collections at least four times a year, accomplishing millions of dollars of sales. It’s easy to be seduced by the success stories, but the truth is that QVC can break you just as fast as it can make you. Only a very small percentage of the thousand’s of products that “try-out” are chosen for on-air presentation, and even fewer result in Bice’s success. I personally know more entrepreneurs who have faced financial crisis taking back returned product, which they may have custom manufactured to fill a QVC purchase orders, than I know who have experienced success. Getting on air is one thing, selling out of your product is a whole other. If indeed you don’t record resounding sales success in your first three minutes of air time, you could be sent home without a second chance, with all the product you shipped in advance of your appearance returned. In most cases, QVC requires a guaranteed sale, which means that they won’t pay for your product unless you sell it all. For every one person I know who has made a pile of cash on QVC, I know ten who have not. It’s a lottery, and for that lucky one-in-a-million product, can deliver a jackpot. You actually have much better odds at success with the nation’s conventional retailers than on QVC. Still, QVC persists in the minds of everybody just starting out as the end all and be all of retailing. Go after it, that’s for sure, but if they don’t select you, don’t think that’s the end. In fact, their rejection marked just the beginning for me.

QVC Product Search—The American Idol of Retail: (See Chapter 9 for details)

In total, products discovered by QVC have generated more than $1 billion in sales since 1995. QVC reaches over 87 million homes in the United States.

The Four Cardinal Criteria for a Successful QVC Product

  1. Is the product unique?
  2. Does it solve a problem?
  3. Does it demonstrate well?
  4. Does it save time or solve a problem?

Everything happens for a reason

That is one of the most essential and surest rules of business that I have distilled from my experience on the roller coaster ride that is entrepreneurship. The plea by a stranger for an instruction manual on how to turn her kitchen-table idea into a million dollars uttered out loud seemed providential. ‘That was me, two years ago,’ I thought. I too was once seduced by the lure of quick success that QVC seemed to represent to mommies all over the U.S. Someone had to stop this insanity! Someone had to write the instruction manual this woman demanded.

 If you’re one of millions of budding entrepreneur moms every year who have made the choice to stay at home with their young children—or are thinking of leaving careers to do so—and you’re looking for a book that tells you every step to turning your great idea into a million dollars, filled with practical business advice, you came to the right place.

This is a business book for mommy or even daddy wannabe entrepreneurs, full of real life savvy that nobody else will tell you, knowledge that other successful women “lifestyle marketers” definitely don’t want you to know. Mommy Millionaire is full of inside secrets on how to:

  • Write a business plan
  • Develop and fund your idea
  • Get on QVC
  • Break down the doors of big retailers
  • Take it to the streets—launching your product into the national marketplace
  • Develop the power of a story and the will to drive.
  • Get free publicity
  • Devise and execute an Exit Strategy that will net you millions upon the sale of your company just years after start-up.

In these pages, you will find step-by-step directions on how not to fail and more importantly, how to succeed.

Free Money! Where is it and how do I get it? The untold secrets about getting free money for start-up.

This information alone is worth the price of this book. Take it from me, I’ve been there and done this! There is more to this story than meets the eye. 

 But wait, there’s more!

Mommy Millionaire will tell you the essentials of running a business as an entrepreneur that you can’t learn in schools, explaining once and for all what mommies and daddies alike need to know about entrepreneurial financial success.

Secrets to Doing Business No One Will Tell You  

  • Never pay anyone in 30 days.
  • How to fund your business with personal credit cards.
  • The secrets of marketing. The tricks to using numbers to your advantage.
  • How to create your own “B.S. Detection Machine” and run everything through it first to avoid being scammed.
  • Secrets of doing business with big retailers.
  • How to create a killer website for almost no money and no knowledge of html.

There are also a few indispensable rules which I’ve put together from my own experience, designed to help you take shortcuts to your own success.

10 Rules for Doing Business 

  1.  Don’t apologize for being a mom.
  2. When dealing with someone in business, always ask yourself “what’s in it for them?”
  3. Pay your attorney for advice only. Most of the paperwork you can do yourself, (including setting up your corporation, registering your trademarks, and even writing your own patent.)
  4. Find a mentor. Having someone who’s “been there and done that” can really help you get through tough times and understand it’s part of the territory.
  5. Nobody ever got rich by spending money. What is Overcapitalization and how to avoid it?
  6. Have a story. Everybody loves a good story.
  7. Create a pitch and cold-call! Nothing has been more effective for me than cold-calling MAJOR accounts.
  8. Everything happens for a reason. Accept challenge, conquer it and learn from it. Tips to working successfully with attorneys.
  9. The “$20,000 Rule.” What it really takes to fund even the smallest business startup.
  10. Believe in yourself!

My Story, in a Nutshell

 My own odyssey began nearly three years ago when my husband was laid off. He was running out of unemployment benefits in a job market that was decimated. I had to find a way to support our family! I was making a novel little product I had invented at my kitchen table that people were crazy about. After giving it as Christmas presents to my kids teachers, I found myself inundated with phone calls from strangers who wanted one, eventually selling hundreds of them off the back of my truck wherever I went: to the bank, the YMCA, my kid’s schools, my neighborhood pool. My husband took the product to a local gift store without telling me and asked the owner if she would try selling them on consignment. She did and sold out of them in a week. I like to say “the rest is history,” and unfortunately, that is what most successful woman entrepreneurs would want you to believe, attaching market value to their “Mommy Millionaire Mystique,” but the reality is that what followed were years of stunning success, exciting and challenging hard work, and the narrow escape of bankruptcy. Unfortunately, narrowly escaping bankruptcy or the near collapse of your business is frequently not the exception, but the rule.

Business 101

Current research shows that the cold, hard facts about starting a business are brutal and inescapable:

· One-third of new businesses will fail in two years.

· 56 percent will fail in four years.

Everyone obviously needs all the help she can get! Mommy Millionaire will show wannabe millionaire entrepreneurs everywhere the approach that is necessary for a business to survive and thrive. This is my own real life account that will tell you exactly what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, both physically and emotionally.

Who Needs to Read this Book?

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, or just starting out, you’ll find the story of how I took my funny-sounding product to millions of dollars in sales an inspiration, including how I successfully launched my product into the national retail landscape by adopting a grassroots marketing approach and personally traveling to stores across the country to do in-store demo events.

You’ll get all the details, including how I:

· Invented a million dollar product at my kitchen table on a free sewing machine.

· Created my own brand

· Registered my own trademark

· Drafted my own patent

· Built my own website, and

· Turned my funny sounding product into a national brand “overnight.”

What It Really Takes to Think Rich

Having millionaire mentors is what taught me to see opportunity—to think rich—and to recognize the tough choices and smart decisions that led to their financial success. How many of you have millionaire friends for mentors? If you do, how many of those millionaires are willing to tell you every single secret they learned the hard way for free—including all the stuff nobody wants to admit? Mommy Millionaire will. I’ll reveal the missing steps between wanting success and achieving it, between desiring a million dollars, and getting it.

You Need to Read this Book

I go beyond the myth of the overnight millionaire to the reality to show the blood, sweat and tears behind the creation of a Mommy Millionaire. With a useful lists of resources that offer help to owners and prospective owners of new businesses, and my own account that gets to the heart of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, Mommy Millionaire is necessary reading for those fascinated by business and eager to create their own million, or anyone interested in a personal story of risk, hardship and personal and financial transformation.

You can do it. Believe in yourself. Change the rules. Join the revolution.

Kim Lavine



MOMMY MILLIONAIRE is an impressive entrepreneurial saga…a top-notch how-to guide on launching a business…a rare gem.” Publishers Weekly

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