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Party Palettes: Another Successful #startup

Linda McComas is a graduate of my ACADEMY who went on to exhibit with me at AmericasMart in Jan 2015. After rebranding and competitive sourcing, she's about to become a household name. Though the journey was not easy, she has a message for everyone: Have Fun Along The Way.

"When life hands you lemons, serve them on and have 'Fun Along The Way (tm)!'

Launching on @QVC & soon in 100 Million annual #catalog #retailer @Party_Palettes #WOW that's a successful #startup

Linda McComas invented PARTY PALETTES with her sister Debbie with their company Fun Along The Way. “We liked that name because life can be hard, but throughout the hardships you can find something great, like Party Palettes, that will help you to have Fun Along the Way™!”. Little did they know they would soon be tested on their motto. Just a short time later, in the spring of 2006, Debbie was diagnosed with brain cancer.

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