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"Everything begins with a search for something better--a dream, an idea, the courage to face a challenge, and the passion to get it done. You can do it. Believe in yourself. Change the rules. Join the revolution."

 From MOMMY MILLIONAIRE, by Kim Lavine

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THE NEXT BIG DREAM: Millions Will Compete & Millions Will Win...Millions
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Passion Is Sexy

Passion is the process by which you manifest your dreams, and far too many people in this world have given up on their dreams or sacrificed them for a comfortable way of life or a secure job.

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Top 10 Rules for Successful Entrepreneurs

90% of success is in your head. Here's how to fix the messages in your head holding you back from success.

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Success Is The Best Revenge

The CROCS Founders were told "No" by every Venture Capitalist they asked for money from. They raised $6 million from friends and family then turned it into a $1 Billion IPO in 5 years.

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Why Winners Win

Thomas Edison observed, that “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

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The B.S. Detection Machine - Get One

I was feeling a certain uncomfortable level of frustration again, and one thing I’ve learned that they don’t teach you in business school was that there exists somebody to take advantage of your fear and frustration in every way that it manifests by selling you something that is invariably too good to be true. Time for the B.S. Detection Machine...

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How Hard is Too Hard?

In order to make anything happen you have to believe in yourself 1000% and push hard for whatever it takes to make your dream deal happen, because that's how dreams happen.

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10 Rules for Doing Business Nobody Else Will Tell You


#Startup #entrerpeneurs Bring disruptive ideas to market in disruptive ways

Business as usual produces results as usual. If you want extraordinary results, act in extraordinary ways.

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#Startup #Entrepreneurs - You Got To Be A Little Crazy

When I was first starting out, 10 people told me I was crazy for every one person who told me I was going to be a millionaire. If people aren't telling you you're crazy at the beginning, you're not pushing the envelope enough.

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The Rules as they stand were meant to be broken #Startup #Entrepreneur

The road to success is choked up with people standing in line for permission, so get out of line and go get what's yours.

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