Textile Syntax Reference
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Textile works by allowing you to type in plain text, and have that text be converted to XHTML in a way you would expect. You can enter your own HTML tags if you wish, and these will not be affected by the Textile processing system.

For instance, instead of inserting <p> tags around your paragraphs, just hit the enter key twice. Textile will enclose the blocks of text that look like paragraphs in the proper tags.

Block Modifiers

Header: hn.
Blockquote: bq.
Footnote: fnn.
Numeric list: #
Bulleted list: *

Phrase Modifiers

-deleted text-
+inserted text+

Apply Attributes


Align Blocks

< right
> left
= center
<> justify

Insert a Table


To Insert a Link


To Insert an Image


To Define an Acronym

ABC(Always Be Closing)

To Reference a Footnote