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 From MOMMY MILLIONAIRE, by Kim Lavine

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The Cost of Money 

I remember the first time I heard this expression, thinking how funny it sounded. It can cost more money to borrow money than it’s worth? You bet it can!

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What is a Good Banker and How Do You Find One?

All bankers are not created equal, and a good banker can make or break your business. Here's what makes a good banker and how to find one.

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The 5 C’s of Credit

A bank wants to make sure you can pay the loan back. Besides looking at your personal credit score, they’re going to base their evaluation of you on these following five criteria:

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SBA Financing: What is it and Where do you get it?

I interviewed a number of bankers before I found one who saw my opportunity and her opportunity at the same time. If you're looking for a business loan, make sure you go straight to a bank that specializes in SBA lending. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

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Looking for a Business Loan? Better Bring these Documents With You

Looking for a business loan? No banker will even talk to you unless you've already prepared these essential financial documents.

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The Day I Got My SBA Loan

The SBA was basically thanking me for having the guts to start a business under every kind of personal risk known to man in order to fuel jobs and growth in my community. By signing one document.

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Factoring 101: Or How To Get Money To Make Money

I meet start-up entrepreneurs every day who don't know what a Factor is and how to use one to get the money they need to make the money they want. Here's what you need to know.

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