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Announcing my role as CFO of Sensory Performance Technology Inc

by Kim Lavine

Some people have accused me of being "missing in action" the last months and I plead guilty. I've been very busy helping change the future of sports by taking on an additional role of Chief Financial Officer for the exciting wearable-tech startup I'm a partner in Sensory Performance Technology Inc.

Excitement Squared

I've done a lot of exciting things in my life and my involvement in this startup is in the top 3 of the list. Though we've yet to launch officially, our flagship product has garnered unsolicited testimonials from the biggest superstar celebrity athletes in the world, including this recent interview with NBA MVP Steph Curry on ESPN.

Steph Curry on SPT Eclipse Strobe Goggles Nov 2016 from Kim Lavine on Vimeo.

But We're Just Getting Started

In fact, we're in the unique and enviable position that every startup dreams of--we're inundated with requests from the biggest names in sports, from prominent doctors, from the most reputable media outlets in the world for information about our startup.

As exciting as this is, I personally believe the three new patents we have in the pipeline are going to offer exponentially greater returns to our future investors. My biggest challenge as the CFO has been to build then revise financial models which seem to become outdated weekly.

Have your people call my people

There is simply too much happening every day to tell the whole story about this exciting journey we're on. It's like having a tiger by the tail, driven forward by greater momentum every day leveraged by the groundbreaking work of our company Founder and CEO Ben White, who's been leading development in this wearable tech space for ten years. I wish I could answer all the inquiries of my friends and associates in the last months here, but since I can't, please CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME DIRECTLY and we can set up a time to chat.

About Sensory Performance Technology

Sensory Performance Technology, Inc is a research and development tech company producing innovative and patented wearable tech product solutions to athletes, consumer, military, law enforcement and medical industries worldwide. Our flagship product, Eclipse™ Goggles, currently in high demand with some of the most prominent names in professional sports, is designed to improve sensory motor reflexes and cognitive performance using patented stroboscopic technology.

The Science Behind the Tech

In a world where athletes tirelessly pursue excellence, finding integrative ways to advance their visual processing capabilities has been a daunting problem. Intuitively, they understand the eyes are the conduit to the brain and physical motor reflexes depend entirely on speed and span of recognition (cognition). The Eclipse Goggles offer a wearable technology solution to this problem, increasing cognitive function in the brain by simulating a stroboscopic effect, thereby inducing visual stress deprivation. After continuous exposure through training, athletes learn how to compensate for this sensory overload and subsequently modify gaze behavior, making visual information processing more efficient.

Facts and statistics on Wearable Technology

The wearable tech industry will treble inside the next five years – with a whopping 245 million devices expected to ship in 2019. That’s according to CCS Insight’s Wearables Forecast, Worldwide, 2015-2019, which states that the shipments for 2015 will be around 84 million units. That’s a growth in monetary value of 64 percent; from $15 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2019.The global wearables market is expected to reach a value of 19 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, more than ten times its value five years prior.


We're Casting for THE NEXT BIG DREAM: Millions Will Compete & Millions Will Win...Millions

In THE NEXT BIG DREAM the only thing standing between you and $100 million is yourself.

We are filming the pilot for this reality competition show in Los Angeles in the coming months and we're looking for people with a BIG DREAM who want to turn it into reality. We're working with our Emmy-winning Hollywood production partners, responsible for some of the biggest hits on TV, to film at various locations over two days in Beverly Hills. If you're interested in learning the details, contact us at


Kim Lavine NPR Interview with Deborah Owens

by Kim Lavine

I was honored last weekend to speak at the first annual AOWIE conference in New Jersey.

I made many new friends and business associates, including NPR radio host and Wealth Coach Deborah Owens.

Deborah shared my passion for my mission to fix the private equity gender gap with THE NEXT BIG DREAM.


Clenapure Raising Series A

Edwina Wright hadn't even completed my Academy Course How To Raise Capital before being approached by interested investors. After securing coveted end-cap merchandising in major national retailer Kroger she's about to use everything she's learned to leverage her success and scale exponentially.

Thx IN Lt Gov #SueEllspermann for getting a luxurious Clenapure hand treatment at #Kroger!


Edwina Wright is a former spokesmodel for a major beauty corporation and a former Miss U.S.A contestant. She has a profound appreciation for “all things natural” and has used this affinity to become a noted beauty authority with the creation of her very own 3-Step Natural Body Beauty Regimen called CLENAPURE.

Edwina and her Clenapure line have received notable coverage:

  • End cap placements at 12 Kroger locations
  • Fox 59 Morning News Indianapolis
  • Featured on KTLA5 Morning News
  • BRIDAL GUIDE Magazine
  • Interview on WIBC Radio’s “Made in Indiana” Segment
  • BELLA NEW YORK Magazine

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Party Palettes: Another Successful #startup

Linda McComas is a graduate of my ACADEMY who went on to exhibit with me at AmericasMart in Jan 2015. After rebranding and competitive sourcing, she's about to become a household name. Though the journey was not easy, she has a message for everyone: Have Fun Along The Way.

"When life hands you lemons, serve them on and have 'Fun Along The Way (tm)!'

Launching on @QVC & soon in 100 Million annual #catalog #retailer @Party_Palettes #WOW that's a successful #startup

Linda McComas invented PARTY PALETTES with her sister Debbie with their company Fun Along The Way. “We liked that name because life can be hard, but throughout the hardships you can find something great, like Party Palettes, that will help you to have Fun Along the Way™!”. Little did they know they would soon be tested on their motto. Just a short time later, in the spring of 2006, Debbie was diagnosed with brain cancer.

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Pitch & Network with Celebrity Entrepreneurs at the First Annual AOWIE Conference

I met Lisa Ascolese years ago when I was exhibiting at AmericasMart. I've always admired her for her hustle, heart and integrity, so I was honored when she asked me to be the KEYNOTE SPEAKER at this celebrity entrepreneur conference.

So excited to be the #keynote #speaker at this #starstudded #startup #women #inventor #celebrity #entrepreneur conference in #NYC #NJ with the #FAB @lisaascolesetheinventress #founder of @aowieatoz with #GloriaGaynor #JewelTankard and more #television and #music #celebrities "Bridging the Gap between #Ambition and #Success" portion of proceeds going to #Womanspace services for women and families impacted by domestic & sexual violence. REGISTER TODAY AT WWW.AOWIE.COM #Guts #Glamour get on #QVC #pitch #investors get #inspired #changetheworld #NYCgirl #Hollywood #DreamHUGE

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How To Raise Capital to Fund your Startup

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Break Down the Doors of Big Retail

Are you ready to see your product on the shelves of  major retailers across the country? It's not rocket science. It's Break Down the Doors of Big Retail.

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Do You Have A Million Dollar Idea?

You'd be surprised to know how much money even the simplest idea is worth. Here are just a few REAL WORLD SUCCESS STORIES I've learned from working with a couple of Masters of the Universe over the years:

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True Stories of Successful Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Before I bought my company back from my investors (taking them to the mat to do so) I learned a lot from their own successful start-up stories.

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